Saturday Reading Roundup


Wanted to share a few articles and podcasts I enjoyed this week. If you’re looking for some informational content over the weekend check it out.

  • Same sex sexual behavior in the animal kingdom (Economist article) – I found this short article very interesting, especially the angle of human bias in the research world skewing prior studies.
  • Investing advice for new investors (Stacking Benjamins podcast) – I really enjoy the Stacking Benjamins podcast and this episode had good, functional advice and included one of my favorite panel members on the show – Paula Pant. Recommend subscribing if you have a general interest in investing.
  • Capitalism is a blessing debate (Intelligence Squared podcast) – This podcast is debate style, typically with four participants. I enjoyed this episode although (spoiler alert) capitalism loses because Marx is way cool. I was on team capitalism and thought their arguments were much better but maybe I’m not a real millennial snake person.

To close off this brief post, here’s my favorite photo I took this week. It’s an Oak tree in Balboa Park, part of the Bennington Memorial Oak Grove adjacent to Golden Hill. Oaks are awesome and palm trees, though associated with California due to sketch tourism marketing over the last century suck. They’re not even actually trees.

Have a great weekend!