Referral Programs (with links)

This page is for referral bonus programs for products and services I have enjoyed.  The details may change over time, but if you click through the link the current details will be available, if they’ve changed.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for the referral bonus!

  • Interactive Brokers (Investing)
    • An investing and trading platform with more professional tools than other platforms.  I opened an account to learn more about options, margin, and currency investing.
    • Open a new account with this link and get IBKR stock, I get $200.
  • GroundFloor (Real Estate and Note Investing)

    • A platform to invest in hard money loans for real estate investors and earn interest, typically around 8-12%.
    • Open a new account and fund with $1,000 and both sides receive $100.
  • Betterment (Investing)
    • Automated investing platform, also called a “robo-advisor”.  Has been rolling out some additional tools over time – tax loss harvesting and more recently tax-coordinated portfolios.  Pretty nice tools tools.
    • Open a new account, you get a month free and so do I.  The fees are very low, so not a huge benefit but nice perk to get started without any cost.
  • Airbnb (Travel)
  • BeyondPricing (Airbnb Pricing Tool)
    • Tool to automatically adjust pricing for Airbnb listings factoring in seasonality, day of week, local market dynamics, and more.  Helps to fill potentially empty room nights and capture high prices for high demand periods. [Note: Airbnb has been improving internal pricing tools but I currently find BeyondPricing better.)
  • Capital One 360 (Checking and Savings)
  • SolarCity (Solar Panels)
    • Solar installation and financing company.  I had a system installed by them at our last house and loved it, planning to do another installation at our current place soon.
    • Install a system and I get $250.  I don’t think there’s a bonus for the new installation (you), but I’ll give you half. 🙂

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