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Over the past few months I’ve started to listening to a number of podcasts.  I currently use the PocketCasts app which I’ve enjoyed for automatically downloading new episodes and listening to at home or while biking around San Diego.  There are a huge amount of podcasts these days and it’s a great way to learn something new, refresh something old, or explore a different part of the world.

A recent find I’ve really enjoyed is The Ezra Klein Show.  This is a long-form interview – 60 to 120 minutes per episode – with a variety of people.  It reminds me of The Charlie Rose Show and I enjoy the longer interview style to get more depth on a subject.

The most recent episode on climate change with Elizabeth Kolbert was very good and very depressing. Hope you enjoy as well.

Show Notes Can Be Found At This Location (Click Image)
Show Notes Can Be Found At This Location (Click Image)

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