You’re Gonna Die

Here’s a horoscope for everyone
Aquarius, you’re gonna die
Capricorn, you’re gonna die
Gemini, you’re gonna die twice
Leo, you’re gonna die
Scorpio, you’re gonna die f**king

Happy birthday (to me)!  Amid the well wishes of friends, family, and strangers – and thanks to all for the kind words – a birthday ever makes me contemplate death, what the point of life is, etc.  As Chris Rock excellently reminds in his classic “No Sex in the Champagne Room” we’re gonna die.  No need to be sad about it, and no need to try to hide from it.  Death comes for us all – some earlier than others.

I’ve been very fortunate in many ways in life, most of which were in no way in my control – family, health, luck / fate.  Celebrating my birthday makes me feel self conscious and guilty.  I have received far more than my fair share, I scarcely need another reason to celebrate.  So I try to refocus and remember to be grateful and to think and work for a better world.  It’s an effort that will never end – learning, adjusting, striving – and good to take a moment to take a fresh look and re-energize for the next year.

Whether you read this today or at some point in the unknown future I hope you’ll also take a moment to count your blessings and contemplate the larger world and how we can move toward a better future.  Humans have had a really good few hundred years and I’m confident we’ll continue to progress and create a better world.  Cheers to the work before us today, and to the many (or few) days to come.

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